Mountain Range Near Aspen, CO

Mountain Range Near Aspen, CO

This blog is about Fries’ Fine Fotos which is  my professional photography business. I want to acquaint my friends and acquaintances with my business and my web site:


which presents a sampling of my photographic images. I am a fine-art photographer with a strong fondness for saturated, high-contrast images. I try to create fine art rather than a strict representation of  a scene or place.

Jay takiing closeup flower photo.

A favorite subject of mine is flowers which I often photograph close up. At the left is a photo of me taking a photo of a “dusty miller” leaf. Below it are the photos I took both and before and after going close up.

In the close up I have also enhanced the color to show the many red spots concealed in the forest of white “hairs”


dusty miller leaf photo

This is a photo of the dusty miller leaf

dusty miller leaf closeup photo

This is a closeup photo of the leaf.


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